Coffee Mugs              

Pre-order our new batch of shwag, from now until July 20th and get two free stickers included with every order. Items pre-ordered will ship no later than August 10th.

Help us fund this little shindig in the desert and beyond.

Dark Carnival Sticker

Everyone loves stickers!!!

Hip Flask

12oz stainless steel, fits right in your pocket (if you have a 12oz pocket that is).

Ceramic Mug

Don't need a travel mug? Here's one for your desk.
Espresso Cup
Need an extra kick to your morning?





Standard Mug

Our standard, regular old mug with The Dark Carnival Community Cafe camp logo on the side. Wow your coworkers and scare your neighbors with this utilitarian mug.
Fancier Mug

Much fancier than our Standard Mug, Stainless Steel for the win. Your barista will give you funny looks when you get your next refill.
Niftier Mug

Our top of the line mug. Stainless steel, leather band and our logo laser etched onto the side. Be the envy of your caffeinated friends.
We just want to throw money at you mug
You got disposable income, we got a travel mug for you. Stainless steel and black leather wrap. You'll be the envy of everyone (mileage may vary)





String Shirt

This one is for the Ladies (or the guys, we’re not judging)
Water Bottle

Don't forget to hydrate, stainless steel and almost unbreakable!

Let everyone know who you support while you're supporting us!
We don need no steenk'n mugs but we want to support your theme camp...
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