Welcome to The Dark Carnival Community Cafe, a proposed theme camp for "That Thing in the Desert". We are attempting to build a Gothic/Dark Wave/Steam Punk/Industrial/Halloween Circus style themed cafe to be placed within the 3:00 Plaza. We hope to provide free coffee, relaxing seating and a performance stage for any number of participants to perform on and to hold specific events within. We hope that this placement can service participants residing deeper within BRC and to act as an alternative to the Center Cafe. We also hope to to bring a mini version of the cafe to other burner related events throughout the year.

As much as we love the burner ethic we wish we couldn't commodify we still gotta fund this shindig in the desert, so pre-event we will be selling coffee mugs through this website.

Bonus, if you bring any of our mugs to The Dark Carnival Community Cafe you get to jump to the front of the line. That's right, first in line, all the Star Bellied Sneeches are doing it..

Just click on the Coffee Mugs link.